WATCH: Reporter Hit by Car Live on Air but Continues Doing Her Job

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A reporter was hit by someone’s vehicle while doing a live broadcast in West Virginia on Wednesday.

Moments later, she got up and finished her report, according to video footage of the incident, Fox News reported Thursday.

Tori Yorgey, who works for WSAZ-TV, was preparing to report about a water main break located in Dunbar when an SUV hit her, shoving the young woman into the camera.

“Oh my god! I just got hit by a car, but I’m OK. I just got hit by a car, but I’m OK, Tim,” Yorgey explained to news anchor Tim Irr:

“Are you okay?” a woman was heard asking Yorgey, who replied, “I’m okay, yeah, you know that’s live TV for you. It’s all good. I actually got hit by a car in college, too, just like that. I am so glad I’m OK.”

The woman who was reportedly driving the vehicle was heard apologizing, but Yorgey told her she was fine.

“Ma’am, you are so sweet, and you are OK,” Yorgey commented.

Irr then asked the young woman where she had been hit.

“I don’t even know, Tim,” she said, adding, “My whole life just flashed before my eyes. But this is live TV and everything is okay. I thought I was in a safe spot but clearly we might need to move the camera over a bit, so let me do that.”

Once she repositioned her camera, Yorgey finished her job.

“But again, Tim, we’ll get back to the report, right? We’re on Roxalana Hills Drive in Dunbar. This is where that water main break is,” she stated in the clip.

Yorgey also noted the incident happened during her last week with the news station and wrote in a social media post that her final day would be Friday.

“From there, I’ll head to my home state of Pennsylvania to continue reporting in the city of Pittsburgh … where I’ll be closer to family,” she said.

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Posted by Tori Yorgey WSAZ on Tuesday, January 11, 2022

According to Yorgey’s profile on the WSAZ website, she graduated from Penn State University in 2018 after earning her degree in broadcast journalism.

Social media users wished her well, one person writing, “You certainly will be missed. You always do such a great job but happy for you to be getting an opportunity to work closer to home!”

“You are an excellent reporter! I wish you the best in your next job! Enjoy your family!” another commented.


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