Nolte: Poll Shows Media Failed to Gaslight Voters About Mueller Report Leading to Impeachment

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The media have failed by a large margin to gaslight the American people into believing the Mueller Report will lead to President Trump’s impeachment.

A clear majority of 58 percent of likely voters say, “The findings in the Mueller report are unlikely to lead to Trump’s impeachment,” according to Rasmussen Reports.

On the flip-side, 33% “disagree and say the report is likely to help impeach the president.”

Within those respective numbers, 33 percent say it is not at all likely Trump will face impeachment, while only 14 percent say it is very likely Congress will  successfully impeach.

Rasmussen also found that the public has a dim view of the media on this issue and “expect reporters to try to hurt the president with [the Mueller Report] if they can.”

So not only has the media failed to convince more than 33 percent of the public that the Mueller Report spells trouble for Trump, the people see through the media’s bias and actually expect the media to weaponize the report against Trump in a partisan way.

To grasp just what an epic media fail this is, take another look at that 33 percent number. The media weren’t even able to convince all the Democrats the Mueller Report means impeachment.

Yep, what we have here is more fabulous news proving the media’s sinister ability to shape public opinion is doornail dead.

After all, we all saw what the corporate media attempted to do after the Mueller Report concluded President Trump had committed no crimes pertaining to obstruction or collusion… We all watched as the two-year Russia Collusion Hoax quickly morphed into the ten day Mueller Wants Congress to Impeach Hoax. As best exemplified by Chris Cuomo’s self-own earlier this week, that hoax had no chance of gaining any altitude.

Despite all the desperate and dishonest blather emanating from proven serial liars who for two years accused our president of being a traitor, after a 22-month investigation led by a herd of bitter Democrats backed by $30 million, the following is straight from the horse’s mouth of the Mueller Report: “The investigation did not establish that members of the Trump Campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.”

What’s more, the following is straight from the horse’s mouth of the Mueller Report on obstruction: “this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime.”

Unfortunately for the corporate media, the American people are not only not stupid, they are now wise to the media’s systematic corruption and their malevolent desire to mislead us.


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