Nolte: NBC Really Wants Us to Forget About Chuck Todd’s Partisan Dinner Party


Far-left NBC News paid an expert to erase a confirmed example of Chuck Todd’s bias from his Wikipedia page.

If you recall, in late 2016, and thanks only to WikiLeaks, we learned that Chuck Todd, the far-left moderator of Meet the Press, hosted a highfalutin dinner party for Hillary Clinton’s communications director, Jennifer Palmieri.

As the invitation itself proves, the dinner party was “in honor of Jennifer and Jim Palmieri,” and serves as one more vital example of the incestuous relationship between the Democrat Party and the corrupt establishment media.

This dinner party invitation is a fact. That the moderator of Meet the Press hosted a fancy dinner party “in honor of” Hillary Clinton’s communications director just as the 2016 presidential campaign was heating up, is a fact, is not in dispute. … It happened, and as Chuck Todd himself would put it, we have the receipts to prove it.

Nevertheless, thanks to Todd’s powerful and corrupt employer, the power of money, and the fact that Wikipedia is itself corrupt, this pertinent fact about Todd’s bias has been memory-holed from his Wikipedia page.

In fact, according to HuffPost the far-left Axios also hired a guy named Ed Sussman, a paid Wikipedia editor at, to successfully misinform and mislead the public through the removal of inconvenient facts from their own Wikipedia page.

After Axios spread fake news about Deputy Attorney general Rod Rosenstein resigning, the Wikipedia entry referencing this debacle was watered down to a meaningless word salad.

As far as Chuck Todd, his “honoring” of a top Clinton official was erased completely:

Just the other week, Sussman proposed that editors remove a portion of Chuck Todd’s page that mentioned a potentially embarrassing 2016 Daily Caller report about an invitation found in the leaked emails of former Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta. According to the invite, Todd and his wife had hosted a dinner for Hillary Clinton’s then-communications director, Jennifer Palmieri, and her husband. Sussman asked that editors remove any mention of the report from Todd’s page because Wikipedia had previously (and correctly) determined the Daily Caller to be an unreliable source and, according to Sussman, “it is not sourced elsewhere.”

This, however, is untrue. The invitation was reported in both The Observer and The Florida Times-Union, in addition to the invitation’s appearance on WikiLeaks itself.

But because Sussman’s stated complaints all aligned with Wikipedia’s guidelines, the section was removed.

This is a purported news organization paying money to have facts disappeared.

Think about it…

If NBC is willing to go to all this trouble to deceive us over a dinner party, imagine the lies the network manufactures and spreads about things that actually matter.

God bless Wikileaks.

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