Lefty Meltdown Continues: Now They Blame The Republican Party For Labour’s Epic Defeat

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

In casting around for who to blame for losing last week’s UK general election other than themselves, Labour supporters in Britain have found a new target for their anger – American Republicans. The in-house journal of the liberal left, the Guardian, has returned to a story it ran prior to Labour’s historic election defeat in order to remind readers that Young Republicans worked for the Conservative Party and were “very much appreciated.”

Prior to the election the story the paper ran was intended to smear the Conservatives in whose constituencies the volunteers were deployed. The Guardian then reported :

“The expected arrival of the US activists has infuriated Labour candidates in the targeted seats, who pointed out the Republican party’s opposition to President Barack Obama’s healthcare reforms aimed at improving care for the poorest in society.”

Going further still the paper reported that Fiona Dent, the soon to be defeated Labour candidate for Windsor, labelled the visit a “subversion of democracy” because it used volunteers who don’t live in the UK. She was not asked to comment on her own party’s paid use of President Obama’s own David Axelrod as a senior strategic adviser, despite his American nationality.

In the follow up the Guardian revealed the full extent of the “subversion” – the International Committee of the Young Republican National Federation sent seven young Republicans to four constituencies. In two of them sitting Conservative MPs were defeated, in one the sitting Labour MP one won and in the final one the Conservative Party replaced the previous MP with a new one.

Despite the rather meagre results the left’s reaction remains one of anti-American self-righteous anger at the intervention. One online comment to the Guardian identifies the intervention as “the first innocent steps toward the Ultimate Republican Takeover of England (to hell with those commie Scots!). Preparing it to become the USA’s 51st State.” Another advises “bow your neck before your american masters.”

Those posting comment then descend into outright abuse “Nazi yanks **** off” and “just goes to prove – these are vile tea party scum. Whoever voted for them needs to get a grip” before descending into outright paranoia illustrated by this poster “Young Republicans or undercover CIA Spies? Was election fixed like referendum allegedly?”

There are too many comments to reproduce here, but anyone wanting to see the full extent of the left’s delusion in the UK could do worse than read the full comment thread below Guardian articles such as these.


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