HuffPo Slimes Rush As 'Racist'

HuffPo Slimes Rush As 'Racist'

The Huffington Post has slimed Rush Limbaugh as “Racist” with a banner headline in red. The article, (which holds no byline, so either the author is gutless or the opinion is attributable to every single member of the Huffington Post staff from Arianna on down) consists of only three paragraphs and audio of a segment on Limbaugh’s show which was provided to HuffPo by Media Matters.

Tuesday, on his nationally syndicated radio show, Limbaugh provided commentary and analysis of Piers Morgan’s CNN interview of Rachel Jeantel’s interview about the George Zimmerman murder trial. In the interview, Morgan asked Jeantel to clarify whether the term “ni**a'” was racist. Jeantel went on to explain the difference between “ni**a'” and “ni**er”:

“Is there’s anything you wished you said?”

“Ni**a,” Jeantel said. “The whole world say it’s a racist word.”

What’s that mean to you? Morgan asked her.

“That mean a male,” Jeantel responded, “any kind of male. Any kind. Chinese can say ni**a. That’s my Chino, ni**a. They can say that.”

“But ni**er,” she added, stressing the pronunciation of the last two letters, “I’ll advise you not to use that… because that’s a racist word.”

Taking into consideration this thoughtful lesson from Ms. Jeantel, courtesy of CNN, Limbaugh used his trademark sarcasm and ridicule to make a political point:

This was between 9 and 10 p.m. last night on CNN, who is in a quest to become the, again, most respected news organization in the country, perhaps even in the world. So, ‘ni**a,’ with an ‘a’ on the end — well I think I can now. Isn’t that the point — because it’s not racist? That’s the point. I could be talking about a male, I could be — a Chinese male, a guy at the laundromat — I could be talking about a man. That’s what she said it means.


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