Arizona State University Prof: Shut Down Trump’s Twitter Account to Fight ‘Hate Speech’

james Garcia ASU
Arizona State University

A professor and self-proclaimed “free speech champion” at Arizona State University (ASU) is advocating for President Donald Trump’s Twitter account to be shut down to “counter hate speech.”

“One great way to counter hate speech would be for Twitter to shut down [President Trump]’s Twitter account,” tweeted professor James E. Garcia, who in his next sentence, bizarrely referred to himself as a “free speech champion.”

“I’m a free speech champion, but if we cannot yell fire in a crowded movie theater the president should not allowed to encourage violence on Twitter,” the professor added.

After calling for the ban the President of the United States from Twitter, the professor included an article by the New York Times, entitled, “Countering Extremism One Click at a Time.”

According to the university’s website, Garcia is also a journalist of his own, contributing commentary to the independent, nonprofit news organization, Arizona Mirror.

Last May, the professor offered his commentary in an Arizona Mirror op-ed, entitled, “In the post-Trump era, the ‘enablers’ must be shamed.”

In his op-ed, Garcia claims that members of the Trump Administration, conservative media, as well as “local” Arizona GOP public servants and candidates have “volunteered to serve as Trump’s enablers,” and should be “publicly shamed” for helping the president “pursue his chaotic, ill-conceived and criminally-inspired agenda.”

“[President Trump] needs enablers, thousands, if not millions, of compliant, self-serving co-conspirators to make [the destruction of America] happen,” wrote the professor, before going on to promote the Russia collusion conspiracy theory.

“And if the Russians want to lend a hand as well, Trump’s already proven he’s more than willing to accept their help,” he added.

“I shudder to think where America will be on the day after the election,” said Garcia.

The professor concluded by stating that he would like to see “Trump and his army of enablers publicly shamed, à la Nixon and McCarthy, for having come down on the wrong side of history.”

Garcia is an ASU adjunct professor who has been teaching at the school since 2003. The professor currently teaches a course in Religion, Culture, and Health, and is also said to be a faculty associate, playwright, director, actor, and producer.

Update — An Arizona State University spokesperson provided the following statement to Breitbart News: “James Garcia is a faculty associate with ASU. He was not acting in his capacity as an ASU employee when he posted his opinion online.”

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