Students Are Sharing Footage of College Professors Acting Silly

a college class

Students around the country are sharing footage of their professors acting silly to point out that their high school teachers were wrong about the seriousness of college.

Students have been sharing footage of their professors acting silly this week. It all came in response to a tweet by a student named Katie Smith who shared a video of her professor dancing on top of the table in a lecture hall. The video was accompanied by a caption that included a quote from a high school teacher: “this stuff won’t fly in college, you need to be more professional.”

Another video shows a professor recreating a famous scene from The Godfather. 

Another student shared a video of her professor singing and playing electric guitar. The student claims that the professor played for 30 minutes.

One student shared a clip of her professor dancing in front of the class to music.

Not all college professors use their class time for crazy leftist rants or cutting-edge intersectional feminist indoctrination, some lighten the mood with antics designed to appeal to students without brainwashing them.


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