University of Oregon Spends $23,400 to Rename Buildings amid Concerns of Racism

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

The public University of Oregon spent $23,000 on research before deciding whether to change the name of several buildings on campus, which students claim have racist histories.

A black student group at the University of Oregon demanded that campus buildings be renamed after uncovering that several of the buildings are named after men with controversial histories.

Dunn Hall, a prominent building on campus, is set to be renamed after the students uncovered that the building’s namesake was once a member of the Ku Klux Klan.

Despite the concerns of the students, it’s unclear why administrators poured such a significant amount of funds into research on the decision.

“The report was one of several inputs the president considered in his deliberations, but he was very appreciative of the thoughtful approach taken by the historians,” argued university spokesman Tobin Klinger.

“They are used at the discretion of the president for a variety of purposes for the advancement of the organization,” he added.

Dunn Hall will be renamed “for a man or woman whose life exemplifies the characteristics of racial diversity and inclusion that Dunn despised,” according to university president Michael Schill, who oversaw the process.

In addition to the questionable funding decision made on researching the decision to rename buildings, the university has plans to build a $3 million black cultural center.

According to a press release, the center “will be an engine for black students’ academic success, providing the room and resources to grow stronger intellectually, ethically, physically and as a community,” and “will connect black students with resources for student success and leadership, as well as serve as a site for seminars and programs that serve the UO and all of Oregon.”

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