WATCH: Joe Rogan Points Out U.S. Hypocrisy in Jailing People for Weed While Demanding Brittney Griner’s Release

Joe Rogan
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Popular podcaster Joe Rogan recently questioned the outrage over the 9-1/2-year prison term WNBA star Brittney Griner got in Russia. when there are thousands of Americans in jail for similar, pot-related offenses.

Rogan stressed that the only difference between Griner and thousands of Americans jailed in the U.S. for similar offenses is that she’s in Russia and can shoot a basketball

Rogan recapped how Griner got arrested but then got to the crux of his point.

“People are freaking out over this, right? They’re freaking out, ‘Russia needs to let her go.’ We have people right now in America locked up for marijuana, and they’ve been locked up for f*cking years,” Rogan said.

“For years and years and year, and there’s not one, there’s thousands of them,” he added indignantly.

“So, what, they’re not good at throwing a f*cking ball into a net? Is that what it is?” he added. “They’re not good at that one thing we like to watch, so those f*cking people don’t get let out?”

Rogan has addressed the Griner prison sentence several times. On August 3, for instance, he called the 9-1/2-year sentence “horrific” and added that “no one should be in jail for weed.”

However, in a later podcast, he also said Griner “broke the rules” and that she can “deal with the consequences.”

Reaction to Rogan’s stance on those in prison in the U.S. for possession of pot was varied.

Some pointed out that there are very few people in jail in the U.S. just for possession:

But others praised Rogan for his position:

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