Report: Charles Barkley Walks Away from Contract Talks with LIV Golf

Charles Barkley
Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images

TNT analyst and former NBA star Charles Bakley has ended his contract flirtation with the Saudi-backed LIV golf league, the New York Post reports.

“I want to thank Greg Norman and LIV for their interest in me,” Barkley told the Post. “I wish those guys great success and nothing but the best. But, in my best interest, and being fair to Turner — because Turner and basketball have given me every single thing in my life — It is best for me to move on, and I’m staying with Turner for the rest of my TV career.”

Barkley had told host Dan Patrick earlier in the week that if he did not receive an offer from LIV by the end of his appearance at the LIV Pro-Am on Thursday, he would break off contract talks with the organization.

“I’m gonna give them a deadline. The deadline is gonna be Thursday. I’m playing at the Pro-Am Thursday,” Barkley told Patrick. “I’m not gonna keep TNT in limbo. I don’t think it’s fair to them. They’ve gotten plenty of play out of me coming to play out there Thursday. I’m not just gonna be no show pony. Don’t be wasting my time. I’m not gonna waste y’all time. When I leave New Jersey Thursday night, when I leave the golf course, if I don’t have an offer, it’s over.”

Barkley had told Patrick he hoped LIV would offer him “crazy” money.

However, it appears his bold asking prices and ultimatums might have turned off the Saudis.

Looked at another way, Barkley’s doomed flirtation with the Saudi-backed golf league could have hurt his wallet but helped his soul. Earlier this month, Barkley made a powerful statement supporting the LGBT community when he said, “If you are gay or transgender, I love you. And if anybody gives you sh*t, you tell em Charles says ‘f**k you!’”

Obviously, with Saudi Arabia being one of the worst places on Earth in terms of gay rights, the Saudis and their golf league representatives would have qualified for a “f*ck you” from Barkley. Taking their contract offer certainly would have been hypocritical given Barkley’s strident pro-LGBT statements.

Now, he doesn’t have to worry about that morally compromising position.

Of course, he more than signaled his willingness to take money from the Saudis despite their well-known anti-LGBT stance, which proves his “values” are subordinate to his quest for money.

So, he’s still a hypocrite.


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