Trans Cyclists Finish 1st and 2nd, Kiss on Podium Next to 3rd Place Mom Holding Her Baby

Emily Bridges

On Thursday, at London’s ThundCrit cycling event, two biological males identifying as women took first and second place and then celebrated their “achievement” by kissing on the podium as the third-place winner, an actual female, held her baby.

Emily Bridges and Lilly Chant, the two men who placed first and second, competed in ThunderCrit’s “Lightning” category. According to the website, this category is reserved for “cis-women, non-binary people,” as well as “trans men and women whose physical performance aligns most closely with cis-women.”

Bridges, 21, has tried and failed to work his way into women’s cycling competitions across the UK in recent months. As Breitbart’s Hannah Bleau reported in March, Bridges was denied access to the National Omnium Championships.

Bridges has undergone hormone therapy. However, as demonstrated by the dominance of UPenn transgender swimmer Lia Thomas, hormone therapy is completely inadequate in erasing the natural physical advantages men have over women.

Bridges has also been winning races against other men while on hormone therapy. As of March, British Cycling still listed Bridges as a male, most likely because he is.


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