'Olbermann' Will Debut on ESPN on Aug. 26

'Olbermann' Will Debut on ESPN on Aug. 26

ESPN announced on Wednesday that Keith Olbermann will officially join the network to host a late-night talk show on ESPN2, which will debut on August 26. His show will begin 10 days after Fox Sports 1’s launch on August 17.

“Olbermann” will air at 11 p.m. ET and, according to the network, “is expected to be a mix of perspective, commentary, interviews, panel discussions and highlights.”

ESPN, aware of how toxic Olbermann’s partisan political commentary can be, has reportedly barred him from talking about politics on the show. He is, though, allowed to comment on pop culture and current events, which could give Olbermann cover to inject his political commentary in the context of talking about sports and current events. 

Olbermann was responsible for turning MSNBC into the shrill and vitriolic network that it is today and has notoriously demeaned co-workers at nearly every network that has employed him. 


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