Exclusive— Ben Carson: Leftists Abuse Children with Masks, COVID-19 Fears, Racial Agitation, Sexual Confusion

US Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson testifies before a House Financial Services Committee hearing, on Capitol Hill, October 22, 2019 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Olivier Douliery / AFP) (Photo by OLIVIER DOULIERY/AFP via Getty Images)

Democrats abuse children with mask mandates, COVID-19 fear-mongering, racial agitation marketed as “critical race theory,” and “transgender” ideology, Dr. Ben Carson, retired pediatric neurosurgeon, former Housing and Urban Development secretary, and Secretary and founder of the American Cornerstone Institute, said on Tuesday’s edition of the Breitbart News Daily podcast with special guest host Jerome Hudson.

Carson described Democrat hostility to standardized testing in the context of education — ostensibly out of opposition to “racism” — as degrading of ethnic and racial minorities framed by the left as oppressed by “systemic racism.”

He said, “It’s really quite insulting when they say, ‘Well, let’s get rid of the standardized testing because minority students aren’t going to do well in that,’ and trying to be precise and accurate, that’s ‘acting white.’ What a bunch of garbage.”

Masking children in schools amounts to “child abuse,” Carson held, remarking on how masks obstruct a central element of human communication — facial expressions  — and stultify social development and learning.

“It’s actually child abuse what they’re doing,” he said. “Can you imagine what it’s like to be a child today? A small child. You’ve got to wear a mask so you don’t get to see facial expressions. You miss out on a very important sociological development aspect of life.”

Carson warned of the dangers posed by COVID-19 fear-mongering and neo-Marxist narratives of racial hierarchies of victimization targeting children.

“Then you’re told you may be harboring some horrible disease, and even though you don’t feel bad, you may give it to your grandmother, and then grandmothers do get older and they do die,” he stated.” Now, you’re feeling guilty about that, and then if you’re white, you’re an oppressor, and if you’re black, you’re a victim, and all of this while you’re trying to develop self-image. Can you imagine what that feels like?”

Democrat and left-wing denial of human sexual dimorphism via implementation of “transgender” curriculum and indoctrination in schools confuses children, Carson noted.

He remarked, “If that’s not bad enough, you may not be a girl or a boy. You have got to be terribly confused.”

He added, “Our children, record-high numbers of suicides and suicide attempts, and depression and anxiety. They’re being destroyed, and then they’re being taught if you’re white, you’re an oppressor, if you’re black, you have no hope, because this system is stacked against you. What a bunch of garbage.”

Democrat and leftist ideology drives hopelessness with fraudulent and deterministic narratives, Carson held.

“We are removing hope from our society,” he lamented. “America has been the place of hope. It’s the reason that people came here. If we were this systemically racist place – horrible place – why would people be forming caravans trying to get in here? They’d be forming caravans trying to get out.”

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