MO GOP Senate Candidate Eric Greitens: ‘This Is When We Win. The Time Is Now’

Eric Greitens
Jeff Roberson/AP

Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Missouri, former Gov. Eric Greitens (R-MO), released his latest ad Friday night, affirming to voters that his “campaign is built on your patriotism” and that the time to win “is now.”

“Now, we win. Now, you – the grassroots patriots who’ve built our campaign, who’ve built our movement – now, we win,” Greitens began. “Now, we go despite all of the mainstream media lies, all the Mitch McConnell-funded attacks, all the George Soros attacks, being sued by the Satanic Temple – after all of that, now, we win.” 

With Election Day rapidly approaching, Greitens – who has a lead over his competitors, according to the latest internal poll from his campaign – continued: 

We win because at the end of the day, what our Founding Fathers recognized is that the power is in your hands. It’s in our hands. We have a grassroots movement. This campaign is built on your patriotism. It is built on your heart, and we have won it in ice cream parlors and autobody shops and parks and police stations all over the state of Missouri, where we connected with you and your friends and your neighbors. The other campaigns, they’ve got Washington, DC, dollars spreading lies, but against that, we have you. We have your votes. We have your heart. We have your courage.

He noted that the country is in “crisis” and asserted that every Missourian “has a role to play” in combatting the crisis: 

I served as a Navy SEAL – did four deployments in the Global War on terrorism. I remember being in BUD/S training on 9-11. Right now, the country’s in a worse crisis than it was in 9/11. But here is the great news: while it was me and my colleagues and other friends in the military who went over to fight during 9/11, now, all of us have a role to play. All of us … have a role to play right now in taking our country back, and I am honored to fight for you.

The America First candidate, who has been repeatedly attacked by the left, mainstream media, and the Republican establishment, noted that “it’s because I fight for you that they come after me.”

“Well, guess what? I am gonna continue to fight for you every single day, and I am honored to have you by my side,” he continued. “This is how we win. This is when we win. The time is now.”

“Everybody, get out and vote on August the second; it’s gonna be a beautiful day,” he concluded. 


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