Exclusive — Rep. Scott Perry: Schweizer’s Revelations Suggest ‘Crimes Against the United States’

Rep. Scott Perry, R-PA, speaks during the House Committee on Foreign Affairs hearing on the administration foreign policy priorities on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, March 10, 2021, in Washington.
Ting Shen/Pool via AP

Revelations made by Peter Schweizer in his bestseller Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win detailing how elites have enriched themselves by striking deals with communist China — and, in the case of the Biden family, striking deals with individuals tied to the highest levels of Chinese intelligence — suggest “crimes against the United States of America,” and individuals involved must be “investigated and prosecuted,” House Freedom Caucus Chair Scott Perry (R-PA) told Breitbart News Saturday.

In Red-Handed, Schweizer details how the Biden family appears to be a target of Beijing’s strategy of “elite capture,” whereby the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) buys off a rival country’s elites for access to Western markets, money, and research. As Schweizer’s book explains, the Biden family scored some $31 million from deals with individuals with direct ties to the highest levels of Chinese intelligence.

“Folks, don’t try this at home because you’ll go to jail,” Perry said. “But the elite coastal ruling class is allowed to get away with this, profit from it, and of course it’s because they’re in ownership, so to speak, of the Department of Justice, the media, and all the oversight actions in Washington, DC, and law enforcement that would actually take a look at this.”

If true, Perry continued, “these are crimes against the United States of America and their citizens, and they need to be investigated and prosecuted.”

“Unfortunately, while the fox is guarding the hen house, that’s not going to happen, and that’s the circumstance we’re in,” he explained, although he noted that Republicans were also “unwilling to do these things” when they were in charge.

The overarching theme is these people — including some Republicans — using their official government positions to profit personally, Perry explained, calling it “unethical, immoral,” and “illegal.”

“It needs to be dealt with so the American people know there is one standard of justice for them and everybody else. Not one standard of justice if you’re hooked up and connected and one standard for the poor little people who are forced to pay the taxes and suffer under the yoke of the bureaucrats and officials that are elitist that tell them how to live their life every day,” Perry said, noting that if investigations, subpoenas, and testimonies do not happen when Republicans retake the majority, they do not deserve the majority at all.

“If it doesn’t happen, we don’t deserve the majority, quite honestly,” he said, noting that the elites will never admit these things are happening themselves. However, the Republican Party “absolutely has to do that” if they are going to have “any moral high ground.”

He added that Republicans need to be “scrutinized as well.”


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