Schweizer: The CCP Will ‘Win’ if Elites Don’t Change Their Behavior

On Friday’s edition of “China Insider with David Zhang,” Breitbart News senior contributor Peter Schweizer, the author of Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win, said that if U.S. elites continue their behavior towards China, “the CCP would win.” And “life here is going to be heavily influenced by what the regime in Beijing wants.”

Host David Zhang asked, “You mentioned the Chinese Communist Party is trying to compete with the United States to be number one. What’s going to happen if American elites in Silicon Valley or in Washington [continue] this type of behavior? If we went down this path, what could happen if China were to surpass us?”

Schweizer responded, “Well, I think the CCP would win. And that means a fundamentally different world system, economically. It also means that the United States isn’t going to necessarily be occupied, but life here is going to be heavily influenced by what the regime in Beijing wants. So, the stakes are very high. I think people, obviously, are very sympathetic and concerned [with] what’s happening to the Chinese people. But, for some people, who say, look, that’s not my concern. This should be their concern. Because this is going to affect their life as well.”

Schweizer added, “Beijing doesn’t have to lobby for its own interests. Because there are so many powerful interests in the United States that will lobby on their behalf.”

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