Illegal Alien Rewarded $85K in Taxpayer Money After Assault Charges

Photo by: Ross D. Franklin Newly arrived people who were caught in Arizona by the U.S. Border Patrol are initially processed at Tucson Sector U.S. Border Patrol headquarters in Tucson, Ariz., on Aug. 9, 2012. (Associated Press)
AP File Photo: Ross D. Franklin

An illegal alien has been awarded about $85,000 in taxpayer money after law enforcement officials in Marysville, Washington held the man in police custody despite a sanctuary state policy mandating his release.

Enrique Ahumada Meza, an illegal alien from Mexico, is set to receive $85,000 as part of a settlement with the city of Marysville after law enforcement officials refused to release him back into the public due to a request by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency to hold him until they could take over custody.

In 2017, Meza was charged with fourth-degree assault. At the time, a judge ordered that the illegal alien be released from law enforcement custody, but local police refused when ICE requested they hold him.

From there, Meza was held in police custody for two months and missed his court hearing for the assault charges against him. When he was released, he was re-arrested for missing that court hearing and a judge, again, ordered he be released and not held merely because ICE asked that he be.

Meza was held in police custody for a day after his second arrest until he was transferred to ICE agents. At that time, ICE agents released Meza while his deportation case was pending.

The Northwest Immigrant Rights Project sued Marysville on Meza’s behalf, and now local taxpayers must pay the cost of the illegal alien’s detention that violates the state’s sanctuary state policy.

While illegal aliens are able to sue the federal government, states, and localities for claims that their rights have been violated, Angel Families who have lost loved ones to illegal alien crime have no route to suing sanctuary jurisdictions for shielding suspects and convicted felons.

Every year, about 2,000 Americans are killed by illegal aliens, according to an analysis by Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL). Of the roughly 150,000 federal inmates in Bureau of Prisons custody, more than 40,000 are illegal aliens, indicating that more than 25 percent of the federal prison population came to the U.S. illegally. Only about ten percent of the incarcerated population is in federal custody, with the remaining 90 percent in state and local custody.

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