Donald Trump Challenges Beto O’Rourke: ‘Take Down that Wall, You’ll See What Will Happen’

Trump Challenges Beto pg
Getty Images

President Donald Trump ridiculed 2020 Democratic Presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke for wanting to take down border walls.

Without specifically naming O’Rourke, Trump scoffed at his proposal.

“I see a new candidate in the mix, he wants to take down the walls. Try that sometime, you’ll see what will happen,” he said. “You’d have tens of millions of people coming in.”

Trump also pointed to the walls that were working in Tijuana, keeping thousands of illegal immigrants from getting in.

“You want to see a mess? Take down that wall, you’ll see what will happen,” he said.

Trump cited progress on the wall, despite Democrat attempts to block it.

“As we build it, it gets better and better,” Trump said. “This is serious stuff. We’re able to do it cheaper, better, it’s better wall, it’s different from what you’ve been watching growing up … It’s a beautiful looking structure, it’s much stronger, and you can build it faster and cheaper.”


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