Paul Ryan Uses Same Talking Points As Obama White House To Push Obamatrade


Appearing on CNBC on Wednesday morning, House Ways and Means Committee chairman Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) used the same talking points as President Barack Obama’s White House in an attempt to explain away Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s embarrassing Obamatrade defeat on Tuesday.

“I can’t imagine the Democrats are going to deal the leader of their party, the president, this kind of defeat, and I think we’ll get through this. There have been through these kinds of snafus fairly often in the Senate. They have these kinds of votes fairly often,” Ryan said.

Calling what happened in the Senate on Tuesday—a Democrat-led rejection of Obamatrade—a “snafu” is exactly what White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said of the matter on Tuesday.

This isn’t the first time talking points by trade deal proponents have come under question. As Breitbart News previously reported, a series of slides prepared by GOP pollster Frank Luntz literally advises GOP lawmakers on how to deceive Americans into believing the trade deal is a good thing—when even Luntz’s polling data shows widespread opposition to it.

Ryan went on in his CNBC interview to push even harder for Obamatrade, arguing that America’s “credibility is at stake.”


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