NTSB: Amtrak Train Going Twice Speed Limit Prior to Derailment


Using its verified Twitter account, the National Transportation Safety Board reported Wednesday afternoon that the Amtrak train that derailed Tuesday night in Philadelphia was moving at 100 miles per hour just prior to the derailment and crash that killed 7 and injured more than 200.

According to the other reports, 100 miles per hour is twice the speed limit at the point of the crash, which was along a sharp curve. Along with 238 passengers, there were 5 crewmembers aboard the train when it crashed at around 9;30 p.m. Tuesday night.

This news apparently caught the White House unaware because it came just hours after White House spokesman Josh Earnest exploited the tragedy to attack the GOP over proposed budget cuts to Amtrak.

Like the White House, before knowing all the facts, much of the mainstream media leapt to exploit the tragedy as a cynical means to increase the power and size of the federal government through infrastructure spending.

The media campaign for infrastructure spending, especially on CNN and MSNBC, lasted all of the morning and into the afternoon.

The media’s breathtaking lies of omission surrounding Amtrak’s funding that emanated from CNN to “Morning Joe” to The Washington Post to Vox, were so dishonest and glaring, Breitbart News created a list of 11 crucial pieces of information the media intentionally excluded from its attacks on Republicans and pleas for more federal spending.


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