Mika Brzezinski: Clinton ‘Moat’ ‘Frustrating’

MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski expressed her frustration with the Clinton “moat” on Wednesday’s broadcast of ABC’s “The View.”

“I just think there are some interesting tough questions that need to be answered, and I find it frustrating that it’s very hard to get over the moat” she stated.

Brzezinski explained the moat as, “the Clinton world. You’re either in and you’re inside the moat, or you’re outside the moat. And I would love — it wouldn’t be so hard to be able to ask questions.”

She added, “Having said that…I think there are two strategies happening here. Number one, as a strategist you might say, hold everything, hold all the good stuff until the race really heats up,” but she stated, “in this case, let her go. She’s capable of answering the questions. Get out of her way. Bill get out of her way. Staff get out of her way. Let the woman talk. Because when she does she’s really good. So, I like her, but I don’t like what I see happening.”

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