Giffords/Kelly: Background Checks Not Enough, Oregon Needs More Gun Control

AP Photo/Tom Uhlman
AP Photo/Tom Uhlman

Just two days after Oregon Governor Kate Brown (D) signed expanded background checks into law via Senate Bill 941, Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly are pressing Democrats in Oregon’s legislators to go even further–to pass more gun control while they have the chance.

Giffords and Kelly held a press conference in Salem in which they expressed their desire for more gun control.

Specifically, they want Democrat lawmakers to expand domestic violence provisions in that state “to include all intimate partners, not just those who are or were married or living together.” This would open the door to banning a boyfriend or girlfriend from possessing guns and/or ammunition in certain situations, although they do not even live in the same home.

According to the Statesman Journal, the bill Giffords and Kelly are rallying around is Senate Bill 525, sponsored by state senator Lauren Monnes Anderson (D-Dist. 25).

Giffords spoke in favor of the bill as well, suggesting gun control is needed for women’s sake.

She said: “Women can lead the way. We stand for common sense, we stand for responsibility. We can change our laws, we can win elections.”

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