Los Angeles Man Beaten, Robbed at Zimmerman Protest 'Because He Was Latino'

Los Angeles Man Beaten, Robbed at Zimmerman Protest 'Because He Was Latino'

Hidden beneath a benign Los Angeles Times headline that reads, “Peaceful protesters lament L.A.’s violent Zimmerman demonstrations,” is the shameful story of Cuauhtemoc Negrete, a man who was beaten and robbed at an anti-Zimmerman protest. Negrete, who was with a large group protesting the verdict when the assault occurred, believes he was targeted because he is Hispanic:

City Terrace resident Cuauhtemoc Negrete said he was told: “You better blend in or you’re going to get hurt.” The group eventually approached him, someone punched him in the head and another person stole his bicycle. …

Negrete pulled out a wrench, which comes in handy for the bicycle he uses to get around town, he said.

“I was there for the 6 p.m. March. We were going up and down the streets and all of a sudden all these kids just started trashing things, going up to people,” he said.

Now they were going after him. Negrete said he dropped the wrench when it didn’t scare off the aggressors. He also dropped his bicycle and canteen at his feet and lifted his shirt.

Negrete said he didn’t see who hit him. He was punched once in the back of the head. Another person grabbed his bike and rode off, but that was it.

“It just made me feel so small,” he said.

Shortly after the attack, Negrete broke down in tears and expressed his frustration over the violence.

“Why does it always have to go down this road?” he told The Times on Monday night.

He said he felt he was targeted because he was Latino. Others in the crowd said they saw similar incidents.

Despite widespread lawlessness, and a number of assaults seemingly motivated by race, the national media is either ignoring, downplaying, or describing what is happening as “mostly peaceful.”

In the wake of George Zimmerman’s Saturday night acquittal for the fatal shooting of teenage Trayvon Martin, the media and the left have been whipping the country into a racial fury, even though there is absolutely no evidence race had anything to do with the shooting.

An in-depth FBI investigation found no racism in Zimmerman’s past or as part of a motive for the shooting. Moreover, the prosecution’s case had nothing to do with race or a hate crime. The one juror who has spoken publicly said she saw nothing racial about Zimmerman’s actions.

Regardless of these facts, as late as Wednesday, the media and left continue to whip up racial tensions. Attorney General Eric Holder has put a very public, racially-charged target on Zimmerman’s back and NBC’s Al Sharpton is organizing 100 weekend protests in 100 cities.

Throughout the 15-month Zimmerman affair, the media have lied, hurled racial slurs, stripped Zimmerman of his racial identity and fabricated evidence against him.


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