Rape and Abortion: Lives Spared for a Purpose

Rape and Abortion: Lives Spared for a Purpose

With all the talk about rape and abortion by desperate liberals this election cycle, you wouldn’t think our economy’s in the tank and our Middle East policies are going up in flames. The question of abortion should be a moral one, not a political one used to scare voters.

Our film “The Gift of Life,” hosted by Governor Mike Huckabee, explores the sanctity of life as a moral issue and looks at the lives of individuals who were nearly the victims of an abortion, but through God’s grace were spared. Two of those people were almost aborted after their mothers were raped.

James Robison is the founder and president of Life Outreach International, a worldwide Christian relief organization. He was the product of rape, but in “The Gift Of Life” he credits all the things he has been able to do with his life to, “a doctor’s conviction that life was precious and a mother’s prayer, I was born… They made the right decision concerning the right to life and that life has touched the lives of millions of people.”

Robison has an incredible story and marvels over how his life turned out and what could have been, “I look at my life. It didn’t have anything to do with how I came to be born. I think of our three children. I think of the 11 grandchildren- that little group as it is would not have been.”

Rebecca Kiessling also found out she was born after rape. In “The Gift Of Life” she makes a passionate plea for the lives of other children conceived in rape, “It’s hard to see now but I hope that you understand that that child is innocent and is a victim just like you.  And that that child can bring you incredible healing. That child is a gift. And the rape victims who raise their child or place for adoption express that that child brought them healing.

“I honor my birthmother. I am a blessing to her. And that’s what she says today. My life was spared for a purpose.”

Kiessling has changed lives with her powerful story and even touched the heart of Governor Rick Perry. He described having a “transformation” in his opinion on exceptions for rape:

“It was … when the lady who was in (The Gift of Life) was looking me in the eye and said ‘you really need to think this through,'” he said. “She said ‘I am the product of a rape’ and she said ‘my life is worth (it).’ It was a powerful moment.”

Could you look into the eyes of James Robison and Rebecca Kiessling and tell them their lives are worthless or that they should have been killed because their fathers did horrific things?

Morally, there is inherent worth and value in every human life. Politics shouldn’t get in the way of that.


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