Obama in Outer Space on Tax Day

On the issues that matter most, the president is always somewhere else.


Exhibit A) For most Americans, the economy is the most pressing issue. We just got last week’s jobs report, and it wasn’t good. For the second week in a row, first-time jobless claims spiked. The unemployment situation is getting worse, not better. Home foreclosures have also just reached record highs. And where has Obama been? Focused on health care.

Exhibit B) While Iran is working at breakneck speed on a nuclear weapon and is defiantly telling the U.S. where to go, Obama has been dusting off old Cold War treaties with Russia and holding meaningless nuclear summits to secure Canadian and Chilean nuclear material. To recap: Iran is over here, developing a nuke. And Obama is over there, clinking glasses with the

Canadian prime minister.

Exhibit C) Today is April 15th, the most dreaded day of the year. Tax Day. If you are two seconds late with your tax return, the IRS begins compiling interest on what you may owe. (Of course, many states are broke and handing out IOUs instead of tax refunds. Try giving the IOU to the barista at Starbucks for that latte.) Of course, nearly 50% of the American people pay

no federal income tax at all, so for them today is just another Thursday.

But for the rest of us, today is a plague. According to a Rasmussen poll released this week, 66% of Americans believe they are overtaxed. The widespread Tea Party movement is essentially a tax revolt. And where is Obama today? In Florida, discussing space policy.

His seemingly screwed-up priorities are, of course, all by design. He distracts with one hand while undoing America with the other. Don’t think he doesn’t know what he’s doing. He knows exactly what he’s doing.

And that’s even scarier than Tax Day.


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