The Penn State Jihadist: 'My Words Are Bullets Coming at You'

Emerson Begolly the man arrested by the FBI after a Big Peace story has a My Space page with four photos. It is clear that three of the photos are Begolly and the fourth as seen below appears to be him in his younger years.

Curious about the website referenced in the post titled, “Penn State’s Online Jihadist Arrested After Big Peace Story” by Patrick S. Poole, I checked it out. Here is what I found.

It seems the site called the “Ansar AlJihad Network” has closed “Normal registration” and “New members are now only accepted by the invitation of existing members.” I don’t think I need to explain their reasoning.

However on the home page they have printed a song written and sung by Begolly AKA Asadullah Alshishani as a tribute to Taimour Abdulwahab al-Abdaly the Iraqi-born Swedish citizen suspected of the suicide bombing in Stockholm. In a BBC article it is reported that Abdaly has two daughters and perhaps a son born in 2010 and considers himself a “proud Muslim”.

You can take a look at the group’s 10 “Rules and Policies” by clicking on the link at the top of their home page.

Rule number 3 states:

“Please note that Islamic manners and etiquettes apply on this forum, so guard yourselves from the careless posting of things and matters which do not benefit and some of which may include or imply transgression of the limits set by Allah.”

But after reading the lyrics to the song I don’t believe rule number three applies if: You call yourself a soldier who wants revenge for war crimes, dress up in camo, grab your gun, put on your bejeweled waistband, blow their heads off with a rocket launcher and maim them with railroad spikes in your supernova explosion and die as a martyr while Amber blue eyes with blonde hair awaits.

Here are the lyrics to the song each line is followed by the 4-line chorus

Hit them with my rocket launcher

Blow their heads right off their shoulders

Pack my pick up with explosives

Railroad spikes prepared as shrapnel

Exploding like a supernova

I am not afraid to die

We’re at war and I’m a soldier

For my brothers and my sisters

This is revenge for your war crimes

The Hoor al Ayn are waiting for me

Ambers blue eyes are her blonde hair

My words are bullets coming at you


Grab my Gun and My Ammo

Strap my kamarband onto my chest

Get dressed up in my camo

Martyrdom is what I wanted best

Given rule #3 and the fact that they have posted the song on the home page I take it to mean that the song conforms to the Quran. However if that doesn’t work part of rule #5 states: “Always cover your tracks.”

If this is the “religion of peace”, where is the outrage? Believe me if this was a Christian website there would be plenty.

Curiously website with his name takes you to a lone photo of a naked man who could be Begolly performing bestiality with a goat. Don’t go there if you may be offended. Shouldn’t it be taken down along with any website that preaches Jihad? A rhetorical question.


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