Model Pleads Guilty to Trying to Hide Drugs in Vagina: ‘I Wanted to Have a Little Fun’

Grace Athanatos
Grace Athanatos Instagram

A model avoided being criminally convicted for trying to smuggle cocaine into an event where there were drug-sniffing dogs.

The dogs sniffed out OnlyFans creator Grace Athanatos at the DJ MaRLo concert in Sydney in May, the New York Post reported Friday.

Officers discovered a condom tucked inside her vagina during a strip search. Therefore, she was  charged with supplying drugs.

In a recent post on her Instagram page, the young woman praised her legal team’s efforts:

“Honestly such an amazing result and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without them. Highly recommend seeing them if you’re ever naughty or find yourself in trouble like me,” she wrote.

On what appeared to be her social media page, she described herself as “Another Insta hoe that eats out too often and doesn’t take herself too seriously.”

Athanatos received a 12-month “behavior bond” this week.

Meanwhile, she told reporters of the incident, “Obviously I wanted to have a little fun, I had a small amount and yes I tried to hide it – like everyone else – but I was caught.”

Per the Post article:

Under New South Wales law, the maximum penalty for the offense is two years imprisonment and/ or an $11,000 fine if dealt in at a Local Court. If the offense proceeds to the district court, it carries a maximum sentence of 15 years and/ or a $220,000 fine.

Cocaine is described as a highly addictive drug that heightens a person’s alertness and energy. Its most common form is a white powder, according to WebMD:

You may have strong cravings for the drug and the high it brings. But the more you use cocaine, the more your brain will adapt to it. You’ll need a stronger dose to feel the same high. This can lead to a dangerous addiction or overdose.

Stronger, more frequent doses can also cause long-term changes in your brain’s chemistry. Your body and mind begin to rely on the drug. This can make it harder for you to think, sleep, and recall things from memory. Your reaction time may be slower. And you’re at risk for more heart, stomach, and lung problems.

In March, a K-9 helped take $10.5 million worth of cocaine off the streets in Las Vegas during a traffic stop, according to Breitbart News.

“Dogs are great at detection because of their strong sense of smell, thanks to the 225 million scent receptors in their noses. For reference, there are five million scent receptors in a human’s nose,” the article reported.


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