Farage: Trump Will Run Again, Will Fight on ‘Disaster Zone’ Cities Ruined by Biden and BLM

Brexit leader Nigel Farage has voiced his belief that Donald Trump will run for U.S. President again in 2024, and that his campaign will focus on law and order and the “disaster zone” cities “under Biden and under BLM”.

Farage, former leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP) and Brexit Party, now Reform UK, was likely the most high-profile Briton to back Donald Trump in 2016 despite the fact that most of the country’s politicians including Boris Johnson were slating him — apparently in the belief that a Hillary Clinton victory was inevitable — because he saw the Trump campaign as a continuation of the Brexit uprising against the global establishment.

He became one of the first foreign politicians to meet the then-President-Elect after his triumph over Clinton and has remained an ally and supporter throughout his presidency and its aftermath — and now believes his recent speech in D.C. confirms a 2024 run will happen.

“He may be 76, but tell you what, I’ve seen him a couple of times in the last year — he’s lost weight, he looks fit, he looks good, he’s energised, he’s determined to get back and win and he’s going big-time on law and order,” Farage said in video published on his social media.

The arch-eurosceptic urged viewers fixated on the January 6th unrest to compare it to “the massive rising crime rate, homicides, sexual assaults, all of those things happening in American cities, places like Portland — ungovernable, people setting fire to courthouses — I mean, under Biden and under BLM and the plan to defund the police, many American cities are becoming total and utter disaster zones… Trump gets it, he understands it.”

“He’s running, and I tell you what, I think they’re going to sweep the mid-terms,” Farage predicted, saying that there’s “every chance” that Trump will win back the White House.

“Expect the mainstream liberal media to start screaming, howling, they can’t cope with the thought of him coming back — but I tell you what, he’s coming back. It’s gonna be great; it’s gonna be huge,” he quipped.

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