German Islamic State Woman Charged with Taking Slaves in Middle East


A 21-year-old German-Algerian woman who was captured in the Middle East after joining Islamic State has been charged in a German court for being a member of the group’s morality police and taking children as slaves.

Sarah O., who joined that Islamic State at the age of 15, faces multiple charges for her activities after she ran away from her home in 2013 to marry an Islamic State fighter, Die Welt reports.

According to prosecutors, the young woman moved into a house in Syria after Islamic State militants had killed the former occupants and enslaved three Yazidi children to complete domestic household jobs for her and her family. She is also accused of being directly involved in policing services for the terror group.

The parents of her husband are also wanted by German police for aiding their son and the Islamic State, but neither has been arrested thus far.

Sarah O. is not the first foreign fighter to have been revealed to have taken part in Islamic State policing, much of which is based on the terror group’s strict interpretation of sharia law.

Last year, 27-year-old Jennifer W. was also arrested in Germany and accused of being a member of the group’s morality police in formerly-held Islamic State territory in Iraq. She charged with allowing a five-year-old enslaved child to die of thirst earlier this month.

More recently, UK Islamic State bride Shamima Begum was also alleged to have taken part in morality policing despite her initial claims that she had lived as a simple housewife. Sources have even claimed she had been allowed to carry an automatic Kalashnikov rifle and had been a noted strict and cruel enforcer of sharia.

The morality police, known as the Hisbah Khansaa Brigade, has had a long-standing reputation for their brutality with some claiming that they engaged in torturing women accused of not living up to dress codes and other violations of Islamic State law.

One device, nicknamed the “biter” was described by witnesses who fled the terror group as, “metal prongs designed to clip chunks of flesh as punishment for women who violated strict ISIS’ dress codes.”

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