Fight Night: Charlotte Church And Katie Hopkins Offered £100,000 To Settle It In The Ring

Charlotte Church Katie Hopkins

Multi-millionaire musician Labour supporter Charlotte Church and Twitter demagogue Katie Hopkins have been offered £100,000 to put the gloves on and settle their differences in the boxing ring.

Television boxing station BoxNation made the offer after a recent Twitter election spat between the two.

Church made her challenge at the weekend during a lively post-election online dissection when occasional Breitbart London contributor Katie Hopkins told her to “wind her neck in”.

Church immediately riposted with an insult taking aim at Hopkins’ spelling and offered a charity boxing match to settle the matter. Breitbart London editor James Delingpole immediately saw the potential for such a bout:

A more serious offer has since come in, with BoxNation boss Jim McMunn saying: “If these two want it to happen in the ring then BoxNation will make it happen.

“We immediately guarantee a purse of £100k for their nominated charities and we look forward to facilitating this showdown. Boxing is the ultimate one on one. Twitter and social media becomes a cowardly nonsense”, reports The Evening Standard.

This is not the first time individuals have challenged one another to combat over points of difference this election. In April, Polish ‘Prince’ Jan Zylinski challenged UKIP leader Nigel Farage to a duel over his comments on migration. Wielding his father’s cavalry sabre in a video released to announce the challenge, Zylinski said: “Enough is enough, Mr Farage. So what I’d like to do, Mr Farage, is to challenge you to a duel. I’m offering a duel, if you agree”.

Farage turned down the opportunity for a scuff-up in Hyde Park, remarking he’d rather meet for a “duel of words” in a televised debate, which Zylinski in turn did not accept him on. As Breitbart London contributor Gerald Warner remarked at the time: “It was slightly disappointing that Nigel Farage declined the challenge to a duel with swords issued by the Polish Prince Janek Zylinski…

“The best response would have been for Nigel to accept the challenge and appoint James Delingpole and me as his seconds at the proposed dawn encounter in Hyde Park.

“In the ideal scenario, Jeremy Clarkson could have been the umpire of the duel which would have ended with a minor scratch satisfying honour on both sides followed, in the finest traditions of duelling, by an incontinently alcoholic breakfast for all parties involved.

“The point is that a duel is the most gloriously politically incorrect event that could be conceived of. For a start, it breaches every elfin-safety precept that was ever confected by a calorifically challenged local authority PC harridan dressed in black, with cropped hair and dangly earrings. A duel is traditional, elitist, masculine, militarist – what’s not to like?”

With that in mind, perhaps the self-appointed slayer of political correctness Hopkins will take Church up on her offer for a boxing match, after all.


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