Cameron Should Learn Moral Lessons From ‘Billy Elliot The Musical’ Says Elton John

Greg Allen/Invision/AP
Greg Allen/Invision/AP

David Cameron should learn how to govern more compassionately by the “emotional” and “heartwarming” musical Billy Elliot says Sir Elton John. The 68-year-old singer said the prime minister should be more considerate of the working classes.

Speaking at the 10th anniversary of the hit musical show, which he produced along with his partner David Furnish, Sir Elton called for the government to remember the plight of the miners. Billy Elliot The Musical is set during the 1984 miners’ strike, in which the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) downed tools without a proper ballot.

The NUM had aimed to bring down the government after members learned the taxpayer could no longer afford the losses incurred by British Coal. After a long dispute the government finally won.

Sir Elton told the Press Association the musical was, “relevant before and it is just as relevant now as when it was written… There are still struggles going on. It is a story about a community in crisis and inequality, and grace as one of the things we all have to embrace.”

He also said the musical highlights just how far the gay rights movement had come in Britain. He said: “There was not a lot of tolerance of homosexuality before.”

Sir Elton continued: “I am a married man and I am very proud of my country. But there is still a lot of love and tolerance to be spread about and this is what the show does and we need that message, especially in the world we live in today.”

Mr Furnish said: “I think the musical’s message about people fulfilling their dreams and overcoming obstacles is sometimes what people find difficult to face.

“But breaking out of conventions is something some people have to face every day so the musical has an unbelievable message.

“I love the number Solidarity as it gives a message for everyone.” Solidarity is a song sung by the miners and the working class characters in the musical and features the lyrics: ‘solidarity, solidarity, solidarity forever. All for one and one for all, solidarity forever.”



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