‘Martin’ Star Tisha Campbell Says She ‘Almost Got Snatched Up’ by Human Traffickers

Tisha Campbell, a cast member in the television series "Outmatched," takes part in a panel discussion during the 2020 FOX Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour, Tuesday, Jan. 7, 2020, in Pasadena, Calif. (AP Photo/Chris Pizzello)
(AP Photo/Chris Pizzello

Martin star Tisha Campbell says she “almost got snatched up” by “traffickers.” The actress took to Instagram last week to share her experience — while working on a film in Texas, near the Mexican border — during an incident that she believed involved human traffickers.

In her Instagram caption, Campbell explained that she had originally taken the video to send to her brother but later decided to post it to social media, because she feels it is important for people to be aware of their surroundings to prevent being taken by traffickers.

“Don’t freak out, but I think I almost got snatched up,” Campbell said in her video. “They don’t have Ubers where I’m filming, and I had to call a taxi, so I get this number, but the van that pulls up is real sketchy-looking.”

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“There’s a guy in the backseat, so when the guy jumps out, the guy is just standing there,” she explained. “I thought he was getting dropped off, but he was just standing there, and he goes, ‘Get in,’ and I go, ‘What?'”

Campbell — who starred opposite Martin Lawrence for five seasons, from 1992-1997, on the hit sitcom Martin — went on to say that after peering into the van and seeing how disheveled it looked, she declined to get in, but the men insisted.

“I look inside the car, and it’s fucked up,” she said. “The rubber is pulled up from the bottom, and there’s dirt everywhere. The backseat looked like it was snatched out for a fucking reason.”

“And so the guy in the front seat — the driver — goes, ‘Get in the car.’ And I go, ‘I’m not getting in the car,’ and the guy in the back is kind of mushing his body toward me to get in the car,” the actress continued.

“And the guy says, ‘Well, then get in the front seat then,’ and I said, ‘I’m not getting in that fucking car. Fuck y’all,” Campbell said.

The actress added that when she later asked a woman at the front desk, “Who’s the guy that gave me this number?” the woman replied, stating, “Why would he give you this number? This isn’t the normal number.”

“Yo, this trafficking shit is real,” the My Wife and Kids and House Party star warned.

While Campbell did not specify where exactly this took place, TMZ reports that the incident occurred at a Marriott in South Padre Island, Texas, near the Mexican border.

“I am thankful to the production for their concern and their understanding,” Campbell added in her Instagram caption. “It was a set up fo real.”

Human trafficking expert Toni D Rivera commented on Campbell’s post, writing, “Yes sis they was about to get you.. just made 6 rescues this week and they ALL gave the same description..”

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