Actor Ben Whishaw Wanted More Gay Scenes in ‘No Time to Die’: ‘That was Unsatisfying’


Actor Ben Whishaw has expressed dissatisfaction with the brief reference to his character’s sexuality (coming out) in the latest James Bond movie, No Time to Die.

In an interview with The Guardian, the British actor — who plays gadget guru Q  — discussed the scene in which Bond (Daniel Craig) and Eve Moneypenny (Naomi Harris) visit Q’s apartment unannounced. Q is seen preparing a romantic dinner for a male guest  — “He’ll be here in 20 minutes.” It is the only reference to his sexuality in the movie.

Watch below:

The brevity of the reference appears to have puzzled Whishaw.

“I think I thought, ‘Are we doing this, and then doing nothing with it?’ I remember, perhaps, feeling that was unsatisfying,” the actor told The Guardian.

“For whatever reason, I didn’t pick it apart with anybody on the film. Maybe on another kind of project I would have done? But it’s a very big machine. I thought a lot about whether I should question it. Finally, I didn’t. I accepted this was what was written. And I said the lines. And it is what it is.”

Ben Whishaw is openly gay in real life. He is in a relationship with film composer Mark Bradshaw. Both worked on the 2008 Jane Campion movie Bright Star.

The actor endorsed the idea of an openly gay actor playing James Bond during an interview last year with with gay British magazine Attitude.

“Of course I would like to see that. I really believe that we should be working towards a world where anyone can play anything and it would be really thrilling if it didn’t matter about someone’s sexuality to take on a role like this. I think that would be real progress,” he said.

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