'The Rubber Room' Scorches NYC's Education Bloat, Waste

'The Rubber Room' Scorches NYC's Education Bloat, Waste

The Rubber Room serves as an ideal, if disheartening, companion piece to the documentary Waiting for ‘Superman.’

That 2010 film illustrated the folly of many modern education policies. The Rubber Room, now available on iTunes and Amazon on Demand, zeroes in on one of the most peculiar aspects of the New York City school system.

The rooms in question house hundreds of Big Apple teachers who have been accused of a variety of infractions–from improper behavior to garden variety incompetence.

It’s there they sit–and sit–while the wheels of justice slowly grind on. The room-bound teachers still collect a salary, but they are told not to do anything constructive with their time.

The rooms cost New York taxpayers $22 million annually, according to The Huffington Post.


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