Stand Up to the Left, and Watch Them Fall

Have you noticed how the typical progressive is more at ease when expressing their opinions in public than the typical conservative or libertarian? If you’re a cultural warrior like Andrew Breitbart, you may not have noticed this, for you are very vocal yourself. But if you are like I was, then you tend to keep your opinions to yourself.

It is uncomfortable challenging your friends and family. For one thing, you actually care if they are offended. And, you’re afraid that if you get into it, your relationship could be damaged. Remember though, such concerns never seem to impede them!

We avoid conflict by allowing others to spew their ideologies unchallenged to everyone within earshot. Later, among political allies, we complain about the bubble that progressives live in. Although there are many factors contributing to the progressives’ isolated world views, guess what–one of those factors is our silence.

[youtube T7tx6DTRiMQ nolink]


Our new single, “Watch Them Fall,” is a call to action. The theme of the song is simple: stand and they will fall. Progressives are not accustomed to being challenged. They stand comfortably under the umbrella of the liberal media, Hollywood, and others who propagate their ideology. They need to be shocked into the realization that there are millions who disagree and are willing to challenge them. We cannot expect the media to be our voice. To them, we are tea-baggers who gather in small numbers clinging to our guns and bibles.

Carrying patriotic signs and studying the Constitution have become material for ridicule! It is time to speak up at every opportunity in hopes that progressives will feel our numbers and strength. Let them know that we are everywhere. Let them feel uncomfortable in their new-found knowledge that they are the minority.

Remember, you do not have to waste an hour debating with a progressive when the opportunity arises. It’s enough to simply speak up, let them know you strongly disagree, and move on, for it is unlikely that you will change their mind in one meeting, even with the most persuasive of arguments. Stand up, be counted, and Watch them Fall!

I hope you Rocking Right-wingers enjoy the song and video. Make sure you check out all our music and videos. Please visit our website and subscribe to our YouTube channel so we can keep you informed on our upcoming concert dates and new releases. Keep on fighting because it’s them versus you–you and your army. Buy the single on itunes.


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