VIDEO: Elderly Man Dies After Allegedly Being Shoved Down Flight of Stairs

An elderly landlord has died after he was allegedly shoved down a flight of stairs by his tenant in Queens, New York, on Sunday.

**Video contains disturbing content. Viewer discretion advised**

Disturbing surveillance footage taken outside the home on 102nd Street showed 71-year-old Edgar Moncayo standing at the top of the brick stairway as he talked on the phone with his wife, according to the New York Post.

Seconds later, his tenant, identified as 22-year-old Alex Garces, opened the door and the two scuffled briefly before he allegedly shoved Moncayo down the stairs and onto the sidewalk.

As the suspect walked away, a man who had followed Garces out of the home stopped and reached down toward Moncayo. He stood up and said something to Garces, then appeared to take his cell phone out of his pocket.

“[The wife] said last thing she heard was ‘Let go, call the police!'” said Eduardo Ramirez, who was showing her houses when the incident occurred, NBC New York reported.

“After that she didn’t hear anything else, she was concerned, calling a bunch of times,” Ramirez commented, adding that a neighbor finally picked up the phone and told her, “Your husband is on the floor, he’s not ok.”

The victim suffered a traumatic brain injury and was pronounced dead Monday at Elmhurst Hospital.

Prior to the incident, Garces paid Moncayo $400 to rent a room inside the house. When he allegedly neglected to pay the second month’s rent, Moncayo told him he would drop the price to $200, according to his grandson, Andy Jativa.

“My grandfather was trying to get some of the money he was owed. He wasn’t trying to get rough with him. He was just trying to get paid. What is $200? You can borrow that money,” he stated.

Monday, police arrested Garces and charged him with manslaughter.

“We’re devastated,” Jativa said of the family’s tragic loss. “It’s almost like a dream. No, it’s a nightmare.”


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