Al Gore: January 6 Probe Having a ‘Huge Impact on Public Opinion’

Former Vice President Al Gore said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week” that the January 6 House Select Committee was having a significant impact on public opinion.

Anchor Jonathan Karl asked, “What’s your reaction been watching these hearings, and what kind of impact do you think they’re going have?”

Gore said, “I’d like to say that Bennie Thompson and Liz Cheney and every single member of that committee have performed an amazing service to our democracy. I think these hearings have been the most persuasive and effective since the Watergate hearings so long ago. And I think we’re seeing a huge impact on public opinion in our country, too. They’ve done an incredible job.”

Karl said, “Did you ever in the time since that speech that you gave, conceding an election, I don’t need to remind you, you won the popular vote, you were within a few hundred votes in Florida, when it was over you conceded and then you presided over George W. Bush’s electoral certification, the certification of his victory. Watching what you saw on unfold, did you think back to that.”

Gore said, “Well, of course. All I did is what was Winston Churchill once said about the American people, the American people generally doing the right thing after first exhausting every alternative. The Constitution required what I did, and there’s nothing really extraordinary about it. Was it personally difficult? Well, you know, when the fate of the country and the traditions and honor of our democracy are at stake, it’s not really a difficult choice.”

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