GOP Rep. Banks: If the January 6 Committee Has Done Anything, It Has Exonerated Trump

Thursday, during an appearance on FNC’s “Hannity,” Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) suggested the January 6 House Committee has not lived up to its billing.

Instead, he said it has “exonerated” former President Donald Trump and highlighted the double standard held by Democrats.

“[T]he verdict is in,” he said. “The January 6 committee is a complete dud. Remember, this was all about blocking Republicans from winning back the House majority and keeping Donald Trump’s name off the ballot when he runs again in 2024. They’re going to end up spending over $10 million. They’ve interviewed over a thousand people. They have a hundred thousand documents in their possession, most of which they’re not willing to make public.”

“And this is the best that they can do, this hearing tonight, the capstone event, the prime time hearing,” Banks continued. “This is the best that they can do. They haven’t proven anything. If they’ve done anything, they’ve exonerated President Donald Trump and Republicans who supported him. At the end of the day, too, you got Pelosi — the Pelosis doing insider stock trading, you got Hunter Biden’s legal issues. You have this film crew for Stephen Colbert coming to the Capitol. The Biden DOJ is supposed to be colorblind. Instead, they view everything through the political prism of ideology of those on the right and left. It’s a two-tier system of justice.”

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