Cotton: ‘We Should Be Clear that We Will Help Taiwan’ Should China Invade

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) on Thursday called on President Joe Biden and his administration to be “clear” that the United States would help Taiwan in the event China invades.

According to Cotton, the Biden administration has not done “nearly enough” to support Taiwan as the threat of an invasion rises.

“We’ve got to get those weapons to Taiwan now because, unlike Ukraine, since Taiwan’s an island, China could blockade Taiwan, and we would not be able to resupply them,” Cotton warned.

Cotton went on to call for the end of “strategic ambiguity,” which he deemed “outdated,” in dealing with China’s potential invasion.

“You know, Joe Biden can’t even get America’s policy straight, Larry,” Cotton declared. “For decades, we’ve had a policy of what’s called strategic ambiguity. We won’t say exactly what we will do if China invades Taiwan. Now, I, for one, think that policy is now outdated; that we should be clear that we will help Taiwan defend itself.”

“Joe Biden in the last nine months has said the same thing three times, only to have his own staff walk it back within a few hours. That creates the worst of both worlds. We have the provocation of China without the deterrence of China,” he concluded.

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