McCarthy: ‘Off Limits’ Pelosi Makes January 6 Committee ‘Illegitimate’

Wednesday on FNC’s “Hannity,” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) declared the January 6 House Select Committee “illegitimate.”

According to McCarthy, the committee should be considered illegitimate without scrutinizing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) reaction to the events as they unfolded on January 6, 2021.

“Think of this. It’s only the majority who has subpoena power. They would never allow Republicans into those meetings when they interview the individuals. All they would be is the American people would sit up there, and they would think this is a fair process. Remember also, whatever Republican you put up there, Nancy Pelosi has to OK. And remember of this committee why it’s illegitimate, she started it with Bennie Thompson who said there’s only one request, Nancy Pelosi is off limits. We can’t know what Nancy Pelosi’s texts are. We can’t know what she said to the sergeant of arms. We can’t know what she said to the Capitol police officer.”

“Shouldn’t the very first question be, why was the Capitol ill-prepared that day? Why wouldn’t you look back to when they had National Guards when those riots were going on in the summer at the Lincoln Memorial, Nancy Pelosi complaining? Why wouldn’t we know that? And remember what this committee is all about. They already wanted and predetermined it. So if you allow that to go forward, people would think this is a fair process. It’s having the minority having a say. No, we would not. We don’t have a say in it. And one of the biggest arguments I had with the speaker is, if we were going to do a commission — remember, Republicans, proposed one first, that it would be fair in the process.”

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