Baldwin: Gas Price Decrease Biden Touts Is ‘Not the Break People Are Looking For’ — But GOP Isn’t ‘Working to Focus on’ Inflation

On Wednesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Inside Politics,” Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) stated that she would not respond to the June CPI report by saying that it reflects old data the way President Joe Biden did and that the $0.40 drop in gas prices that Biden touted is “really not the break people are looking for.” Although she also claimed Republicans aren’t “working to focus on” inflation.

After reading from Biden’s statement on the June CPI report, host Dana Bash asked, “So, Senator, he’s right. Gas prices are down from last month’s record highs, but when people come up to you in Wisconsin in the grocery store or at the gas station and ask you about how — high prices, is that what you would tell them, that the data is out of date?”

Baldwin responded, “Certainly not. I know that people are really suffering with the inflation, and while it is great news that, in the last month, gas prices have gone down by about $0.40 per gallon, that’s really not the break people are looking for.”

She continued, “But I also have to talk about who’s doing something about it, who’s working to focus on this and bring prices down, whether those be prices of prescription drugs, insulin, whether that be price inflation that’s been caused by supply-chain disruptions. We’re trying to address that and solve that issue. Meanwhile, Republicans are just trying to make this a partisan issue, rather than acknowledge the true underlying issues, the pandemic, the war in Ukraine, things that have no partisan cause. And so, we need to responsibly work on lowering prices and the Republicans are just doing nothing to that end.”

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