Cotton: GOP Won’t Engage in ‘Grotesque Smear Campaign’ Against Biden SCOTUS Pick

During an interview with “Fox News Sunday,” Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) said the GOP wouldn’t play the same games in President Joe Biden’s U.S. Supreme Court justice nominee confirmation that Democrats have played with some of the conservative nominees.

Cotton described the nominations of Justices Clarence Thomas and Brett Kavanaugh as “grotesque smear campaigns” and called for that to never happen again.

“[I] suspect we’ll all keep an open mind,” Cotton advised. “We will review the nominee on her merits. I can’t say that I’ve got wild expectations that Joe Biden is going to nominate someone who I think I can support or many Republicans can support because I’ve seen dozens of his nominees to the lower courts, and they’ve almost to a person been left-wing ideologues who think judges should make the law rather than apply and uphold the Constitution and the laws as they are passed.”

“I can say one thing that I won’t do, and I doubt any Republican will do, is engage in the kind of grotesque smear campaign against the character of fine men like Clarence Thomas — or as we saw what happened with Brett Kavanaugh two years ago,” he continued. “We’ll give a thorough vetting into any nominee’s legal philosophies, as well as their career and their character and their temperament, but we’re not going to do what Democrats do, which is simply make up smears against a nominee. And I hope that that never happens again.”

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