Mark Levin: Joe Biden Is the ‘James Buchanan of Our Times’

Wednesday on FNC’s “Hannity,” conservative talker Mark Levin reacted to the press conference given by President Joe Biden earlier in the day marking his first year in office.

Levin gave Biden very low marks and compared him to two of his predecessors, former Presidents John Tyler and James Buchanan, regarded by some as the worst president in American history.

Transcript as follows:

HANNITY: Here with reaction, author of the best seller — the best-selling book for all of 2021, “American Marxism”. He hosts “Life, Liberty & Levin” right here on the FOX News Channel, and I call him the great one, nationally syndicated radio host Mark Levin.

All right. Two questions, I want to get your take on Biden’s presser and I want to you know give us a preview of what the president said.

LEVIN: My take on it is, Joe Biden said a number of provocative things —

HANNITY: What’s with the bobblehead? What’s that?

LEVIN: I like the bobblehead. He reminds me of the president. I can’t help it and every now and then I talk to him. Anyway —

HANNITY: Does he answer?

LEVIN: — and he deserves it.

No, I speak for him, you know? People say they’ve never seen him talk so long. For two hours today —


HANNITY: That’s true. It was bad.

LEVIN: — live with him. He probably talks to himself a lot.

But anyway, here’s the thing, president’s exactly right. What he said about Russia — you know, Putin might act and so forth, that was an incredibly provocative statement. It was outrageous. Putin’s watching this too, and he’s just and he says he’s made enormous progress more than any president in history this time.

The hell is he talking about? He’s the John Tyler of our time, the James Buchanan of our time. More progress? You know what’s made the most progress? The regime in Iran, the regime in North Korea, the regime in China, the regime in Russia, they’re making a hell of a lot of progress.

You know who’s making progress? Illegal aliens are making progress. They’re making a lot of progress.

There’s like two Americas here. The Democrat Party that lives in this sort of cocoon and the rest of the nation. There’s inflation. He says it’s no big deal.

We didn’t talk about heat (ph) in schools today, crime people have mentioned, that’s true. The borders totally out of control, the issues that affect Americans across the board.

He talks about — well, we voted to spend this, and we voted to spend this, and we passed this law and we did this law because that’s how these clowns in the Democrat Party in Washington, D.C. think. You passed the law so my life is better? No, that’s not the way it worked.

And he talked about other things he seemed to suggest if the Democrats lose in the midterm election, then it’s not legitimate. He was specifically asked, the upcoming election won’t be fair, fairly conducted, quote/unquote, without passing the voting rights bill.

This is not a voting rights bill. Can anybody tell me a single provision that actually protects voting rights?

They keep talking about the Republicans don’t want blacks to vote. This is poisonous, cancerous language. Tell me, where all these people that can’t vote? Where’s the class action lawsuit that’s been brought in federal court? Where the lawsuits have been brought under the 1965 Civil Rights Act? For all these people who couldn’t vote?

You can vote. I’m going to tell you how to vote. You want me to do a public service announcement, Sean? Get off your ass on election day and go to the precinct and vote. There, I did it.

So every election prior to this one has been illegitimate, you see. So the election of Barack Obama was illegitimate?

And it’s amazing thing — Concha touched on it — Donald Trump’s brings up the election. Some of his supporters bring it up. Some of the Republican legislatures, they have real serious substantive issues. Joe Biden in anticipation of the Democrats losing the House and maybe the Senate has already said effectively this election will be illegitimate.

In 2016, they try to depose an elected — a legitimately elected president. No commission on that with Russia collusion. The FBI, the intelligence agencies, the Democrat Party, Hillary Clinton, law firms, slip and fall lawyers, all involved in it, 2016. But you can’t talk about 2020.

Look, I think the president will be better off and I really do slamming away on Joe Biden and his agenda. Donald Trump had a fantastically successful presidency in four years’ time. This is one of the things that drives the left in the media nuts, a fantastically successful president. Despite the war against him, despite these Never Trumpers led by McConnell and others trying to undermine him, I don’t think we’ve ever seen anything like that.

In fact, Joe Biden’s wrong. He says enormous progress more than any president in history at this time. No, Trump did more than any president in history at this time.

All right. I hear the music. So, Joe and I are going to leave. That’s it.

HANNITY: That’s it. I’m done.

All right. Great one Mark Levin, don’t forget his show on the weekend, it’s Sunday nights, 8 p.m., right here on the FOX News Channel. Peter Schweizer on his new book this week.

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