McCaskill: 40 Republican Senators ‘Don’t Support’ Trump — They ‘Know He’s Not Good for This Country’

Former Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) said Monday on MSNBC’s “Deadline” that forty Republican Senators do not support former President Donald Trump because they know it would not be suitable for the United States if he retook the presidency in 2024.

McCaskill said, “Most of my former colleagues in the Senate, Republicans, fervently wish that Donald Trump would go away. They are looking the other way. They’re trying not to engage because they don’t want to take the political hit for opposing him, but they don’t support him. Now, there are probably 10 of them that do. But that leaves 40 Republican Senators that know he’s not good for this country. I would say that those 40 need to have some kind of super-secret retreat and talk about what is it going to be like.”

She continued, “You want my pillow guy running the Commerce Department? Are we going to have Rudy Giuliani as attorney general? Are we going to have what’s her name? What’s the crazy woman … Sidney Powell as attorney general?”

McCaskill added, “Those 40 Republican Senators know what a disaster that would be for this nation. It’s time for them to suit up and get busy before these primaries. Because if, in fact, the Trump people win these primaries and come to Washington, it’s going to be even harder to hold him in check like they tried to do the first four years.”

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