Donny Deutsch: Biden ‘Seems Old’ — He Doesn’t Feel in Charge, Command

MSNBC contributor Donny Deutsch said Friday on MSNBC’s “Deadline” that President Joe Biden seemed old and didn’t feel in charge.

Deutsch said, “I think your audience is not going to be happy with what I have to say. I don’t think he has come across as an inspirational figure.”

He continued, “Things that are not going well for him. But there is something that’s different. How many people have you talked to who say he seems old. I don’t mean that as an ageist thing. It really started with Afghanistan, where he didn’t seem to have his hand firmly on the wheel. I think a lot of it has to do with the messenger versus the messages themselves. He doesn’t feel in charge. He doesn’t feel inspirational. He doesn’t feel in command.”

Deutsch added, “Part of it is he has done less pressers than any other president. This audience is not going to want to hear this, but if I am judging on style points, on performance, he has not come across as a firm, strong commander in chief. Just overall grading him — as I said, it is not going to be a popular statement, but it’s the way I feel.”

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