Maher to Dems Refusing to Hold Debates on FNC: ‘Grow a Pair’ – ‘How Very Trump of You’

On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher criticized the DNC’s decision to not hold primary debates on Fox News by saying it’s “very Trump” of them and telling the party to “Grow a pair.”

Maher said, “Grow a pair. Last week, the Democrats made a terrible decision when they announced that they had turned down Fox News’ offer to host one of their 2020 primary debates, saying Fox was nothing more than propaganda. Okay, so why not go on Fox News and tell them that? You want to be in the big leagues, but you refuse to ever play an away game? You don’t like the questions that Fox News might ask, so you’re deciding to not take any questions at all? How very Trump of you. This is a fundamental problem with the Democratic Party. They look weak, running from a fight, when they should be in there throwing punches. Republicans never shy away from coming on this show.”

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