Dem Rep. Carson: ‘Deeply Disappointed’ in Trump’s ‘Hurtful’ ‘Dismissal’ of Threat of White Nationalism

On Friday’s broadcast of CNN’s “The Lead,” Representative Andre Carson (D-IN) reacted to President Trump’s comments on the threat of white nationalism by stating that he is “deeply disappointed in the president’s dismissal,” and that such a dismissal “is hurtful.”

Carson said, “I’m deeply disappointed in the president’s dismissal, Jake. You’ve seen these facts. I’ve seen these facts. The FBI has reaffirmed these facts. Even during my time at the Indiana Department of Homeland Security, white supremacy and white supremacist activity was still an issue, particularly in the ranks of law enforcement. And so, it’s interesting how, when there are crimes or acts of violence committed by African-Americans, or by other minority groups, and especially Muslims, folks don’t seek to contextualize these issues. No one traces back to their childhood when they didn’t get a hug when they were six or seven, and they dismiss it to attribute it to this overall terroristic effort, that — and I think that kind of dismissal, especially from the president of the United States, is hurtful.”

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