Olbermann to Brady: ‘Please Don’t Appeal Your Suspension’

On Tuesday’s “Olbermann” on ESPN2, host Keith Olbermann told New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady to not appeal his four game suspension for deflating footballs and to just fire his agent Don Yee for creating a conspiracy theory against him and the Patriots.

Olbermann, speaking as someone who has been suspended by MSNBC, and recently by ESPN for berating a Penn State student raising money for pediatric cancer, suggested to Brady to not fight the suspension and fire his agent for giving him bad advice.

“Tom, relax,” Olbermann said. “We’ve all been suspended. Take it from me, Tom. Please don’t appeal your suspension. Don’t appeal and don’t let your agent suggest another conspiracy theory, in fact, Tom, fire this agent of yours, Don Yee. We can’t be sure who told you to not let the NFL look at your texts, but given that this was the third thing the league mentioned in justifying your four game suspension, this was a really big deal and a really big mistake and it may have been the difference between a four game suspension and two or even one.”

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