Krauthammer: Nuclear Iran Will Be More ‘Risky’ Than Cold War

Columnist Charles Krauthammer argued that nuclear Iran will be more “difficult” and “risky” than the Cold War on Wednesday’s “Hugh Hewitt Show.”

Krauthammer said, “We are so far down the road of acquiescence that it would be nearly impossible for the US to reverse course unless the Ayatollah puts his foot down and decides that he’s not going to do anything with the great Satan, and breaks off negotiations. I think they are not stupid enough to do that. They’ve been handed the kingdom on a plate, not just a paved road to nuclear weapons, either by simply waiting and they’ll have it in ten years, or by cheating, which there are no real mechanisms for us to stop or to do anything about if we discover it. So they’re going to get there one way or another under this agreement. So why would they want to risk anything by walking out?”

He continued, “So unless there’s a very improbable walkout, I think they are assured of nuclear capacity. And I think we are assured of a truly catastrophic arms race in the Middle East, where the Saudis are going to go nuclear, the UAE, probably, Egypt, probably Turkey, and if we thought that two-sided deterrence, we and the Soviets for 50 years, was difficult, risky, and we came within an inch of nuclear war in the Cuban Missile Crisis, imagine what five-sided deterrence is like in a region that’s the most unstable in the world. That’s what Obama has bequeathed us. But I don’t see any other path at the current rate. And I don’t know what an American president, of either party, will be able to do when they’re sworn in.”

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