Kornheiser on Brady Suspension: ‘It’s Completely Unjust’

ESPN’s Tony Kornheiser reacted to the NFL’s punishment of the New England Patriots on Tuesday’s episode of “Pardon the Interruption” by calling it “completely unjust.”

The Patriots were fined $1 million, lost 2 draft picks and their superstar quarterback Tom Brady for the first 4 games of the season.

Kornhieser also argued that the findings that Tom Brady “more probable than not” was aware of the deflation of the footballs would never hold up in a real court.

“It’s arbitrary, it’s capricious, it’s completely unjust; they have no particular evidence. They have loosely tied Tom Brady to something saying he probably is conversant with something that happened. They have no hard evidence. In a regular court this would never stand up. This is a kangaroo court, not a regular court so it doesn’t have to. You just gave a guy 40 baseball games, 20 basketball games for a crime of stealing signals or watering the base paths.”

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